Well this is sixteen of fifty two so I think I have deserved to enjoy the treat of navel gazing again.
Forgive me.


Or maybe happiness or should I say fulfilment or contentment?
But actually, progress.

Evolutionary Psychiatry

I mentioned in my initial essay of the year Ali Abdaal’s advice to document rather than worry about creating. I like being creative or at least reflecting, but I find myself in this week’s subject so full of admiration and wonder for the work of Randolph Nesse that I really don’t have much to add.

So I subtracted a lot instead. I hope in doing so that I have kept a reasonable flavour of the thing.


I realise that when I wrote about Consciousness a couple of months back, I used the terms ‘consciousness’ and ‘self-awareness’ fairly interchangeably. What’s the difference? I believe it’s all to do with the perception of time.

Art, Craft and Design

How can we create new art to develop the culture of our age without copying?
The answer is to start by copying.


Is old age unavoidable, or should we fight it?
If we were to choose to fight old age what is the enemy? Would we be trying to postpone death or to keep our wits and be free of aches and pains?


As blind as a bat, we say – but is your eyesight good enough to catch flies in mid air? How does that work?
And what exactly is your favourite AI bot doing when it sits down of an evening to catch up on the news?


I remember someone once described a mutual acquaintance as being ‘all meat and no gravy’ I didn’t really understand exactly what they meant, but it’s a lovely phrase which I try not to use too often myself. Of course, being me, that’s sometimes difficult.


So do we actually live in an onion? Or is ‘meta’ just something we should watch out for during squabbles?


There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand the binary system and those who don’t.

I guess the observation that I find that funny puts me in the tribe of ‘Geek.’