My Daughter’s Wedding

Since I put more work into writing this than I did most other stuff, I am putting it here.

I don’t know how the hell I thought those first lines were in iambic pentameter. They aren’t.

I was quite nervous and so I lost my notes deliverig the whole thing from memory – hence the places I have queried what I said.

Good Taste

Four years after I wrote the Taste of Rat, I thought I should extend it to discuss microbiotic food production. I didn’t get very far with the project, but there are a few nice lines here, the Kilgore Trout : Champagne reference for example.

The Taste of Rat

The first poem I had written in 36 years – see also “Good Taste”

Ode to a Short Bored Pile

The winning entry for the Maltings Free Press first edition poetry prize. The only entry so far as I know and the first poem I had written since school.

The Epic Tale of Ted and Brock

I can proudly say the un-illustrated version of this poem is complete drivel. The illustrated version however is a work of multilayered genius imho.

The Step Sweeper

We have outside steps at our house in Poland. We sweep them occasionally.


I wrote this on an iPad in a moment of self reflection about thirty years after my father’s death.

Life View

I recall the event I’m describing was at the party after the twins were christened, so I must have written this in Summer 2010.

Then and Than

My missus mixes “then” and “than”She says that the ear of the EnglishmanMay hear different sounds but the Slavonic mindInterprets them both as a similar kind. “My darling sweet, I have a planBy the use of which I believe we canMake learning this thing much more more easy for you.”She said, “Oh brightest of men! […]