My Daughter’s Wedding

Since I put more work into writing this than I did most other stuff, I am putting it here.

I don’t know how the hell I thought those first lines were in iambic pentameter. They aren’t.

I was quite nervous and so I lost my notes delivering the whole thing from memory – hence the places I have queried what I said.

Good Taste

Four years after I wrote the Taste of Rat, I thought I should extend it to discuss microbiotic food production. I didn’t get very far with the project, but there are a few nice lines here, the Kilgore Trout : Champagne reference for example.

The Taste of Rat

The first poem I had written in 36 years – see also “Good Taste”

Ode to a Short Bored Pile

The winning entry for the Maltings Free Press first edition poetry prize. The only entry so far as I know and the first poem I had written since school.

The Epic Tale of Ted and Brock

I can proudly say the un-illustrated version of this poem is complete drivel. The illustrated version however is a work of multilayered genius imho.

The Step Sweeper

We have outside steps at our house in Poland. We sweep them occasionally.


I wrote this on an iPad in a moment of self reflection about thirty years after my father’s death.

Life View

I recall the event I’m describing was at the party after the twins were christened, so I must have written this in Summer 2010.