Gorgeous food
and photography so good you’ll want to eat the book

From the author of The Cranks Bible:

Nadine's Feasts

photography by

“I have to wonder if Ottolenghi would be where he is today had Abensur not set the scene”
Julia Tausch ‘Bon Appétit’ magazine.

Renowned for her vegetarian recipe books including The Cranks Bible, Nadine Abensur delights us here with eight feasts comprising twenty-four extraordinary recipes, all vegetarian bar one.

Illustrated with deliciously rich photography, this book draws its inspiration from the Middle East, Asia and France.

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Germany and Central Europe






A Taste of the Middle East

Feasting with Friends

A Family Feast 

Lunch in a Jar – a feast for small spaces

A Taste of Asia

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Supper – we don’t mind as long as you make a feast of it

The Handmade (Asian) Feast

Feasting Solo

A Taste of France

An Everyday French Feast

Tête à Tête – feasting with your beloved

Nadine Abensur

Nadine Abensur created and managed the UK’s first top-level vegetarian catering company, Culinary Arts, in 1987.  And in 1995 she joined the iconic Cranks vegetarian chain as Food Director.

Then after twenty years in vegetarian food, she decided to pursue her other passion and opened an art gallery called art piece gallery in the hinterland of Byron Bay in Australia. She thought she was done with cooking. As if anyone who likes to cook, eat, and more importantly, feed others can ever be done with cooking. However, she never gave up teaching and now and again, continued to cook for weddings and private events.

A few years back, Nadine moved to Paris. The move rekindled her culinary creativity.  Paris markets bristle with the world’s finest ingredients, and the move to France also reinspired her love of desserts and patisserie. She now offers regular cookery classes in New South Wales and is also teaching in London, Paris and elsewhere in Europe and Australia.

Karen Hartnell-Beavis

Karen Hartnell-Beavis works with a wide variety of food businesses including producers,  speciality food brands, farm shops, restaurants and chefs.  

After gaining a  BA in photography, Karen worked from London on travel and reportage as far afield as Africa and South America as well as carrying out a long term London Schools project with the Photographers’ Gallery. She fell into food photography when she met the man she was to marry who ran one of the first online supermarkets – the Food Ferry back in the 1990s. He pursuaded her to return with him to Shropshire where she has been living and working ever since.

Karen now specialises in styling and photographing foods.  Often she sources recipes and cooks the dishes too, sometimes to complement and set the scene for the packaged foods provided by her clients.  She lives with family and an assortment of dogs, sheep and hens on a farm in Shropshire, where she  does 90% of her work in a purpose-designed studio office converted from an old barn.