The perfect gift for boys from sixteen to sixty – and destined to become the favourite volume on every bathroom bookshelf

Life Hacks
the essential collection


From the dancing joy of childhood, to the age of man when nose-hair needs a maintenance regime,
Life Hacks – the essential collection
delivers the insights that you didn’t know you needed to know.
Until now.

James pricks the bubble of self-improvement literature with a light but sure-footed step on the wobbly rope-bridge of reason through the limpid stratosphere of pure bullshit. Along the way, he reinvents life-skilling with illustrated rhymes of a quality that can hurt your face.

This delightful book takes lavatory humour out of the playground and puts it firmly where it belongs: in a locked bathroom with your adolescent brother. It could be described as a multivalent epigrammatic commentary on post-industrial culture, but more aptly as
sparklingly silly.

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Other Stuff

Paperback: 71 pages

Publisher: Trajectory Books 

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-18381176-0-3

Product Dimensions: 21 x 0.4 x 15.2 cm

The Author - Illustrator

Nick’s father passed on a deep love of illustrated books even before the infant boy could follow a story.  His love of storytelling in rhyme came much later, when he became a father himself. 

Nick lists his interests beyond illustration and storytelling, as family, food, travel, music, film – and also recreational maths, science and philosophy. He loves all kinds of beautiful things, both abstract and physical, natural and manufactured.

Even More Twoddle

Looking for a gift that will bring laughs on day one and become a family favorite over time?  Combining ridiculous stories in rhyme with beautiful illustrations, Life Hacks – the Essential Collection is the ideal present for people of all ages who giggle at the memories of cringe-worthy mishaps, and the sillier lessons of life.

Funny and beautifully illustrated, this book will ring a note with anyone who has ever discovered that a simple task turned out not to be so simple after all. Life Hacks – the Essential Collection takes a geeky view of problem-solving for tasks ranging from clearing blocked waste pipes to chopping nuts. The pictures are a delight in themselves, introducing a range of characters from sweet to smug, as they experience the joys and desolations of daily life.

A quirky pudding of joy brought to you by the prizewinner of the Maltings Free Press First Edition Award, and surely the only author to have rhymed “surprise” with “intoxifies.”
James’ drawings complement great little stories to illustrate the truisms he offers. He populates almost-believable worlds with a mix of both delightful characters and rather disgusting ones.

Life Hacks
the essential collection

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