Welcome to Trajectory Books

Here are a couple of random book offerings – both ideal gifts, one for the epicure in your life and one for the one  with a ridiculous sense of humour.

Not only beautiful, both of these books are the best of their kind
. . .  enjoy!

Life Hacks
the essential collection

An illustrated  collection of wacky  nonsense rhymes to delight anyone who has ever struggled with the not-so-simple realities of simple tasks.

Author and Illustrator

Nick James

Delicious food, beautifully photographed and delivered to your kitchen in the classiest cookbook you have seen.


Nadine Abensur


Karen Hartnell-Beavis

Just a pause before the navel gazing.  I have two books only in my publishing portfolio, but I would love to have more.  If you are an author or illustrator and would like to see your books here, or just to pick my brains about self publishing, please get in touch.

The Trajectory – from 123 to XYZ

We are a flightpath, perhaps to a target, perhaps our goal
is the joy of the journey itself.

I bought this domain with ambitions to become a book publisher. . .
Nah, that would be an overstatement.  I really wanted to be a book illustrator, but no-one hired me so I wrote a book and published it.
So I needed a website – awesome idea, right?  I know!

 I don’t recall exactly how I found “from 123 to xyz” but it seemed to represent a serendipitous segue between opposite ends of two spectra.
And it also rhymes – unfortunately only in American English
we can’t all be perfect.

Trajectory Books: Mission Statement

Whilst you should judge us on what we deliver, we always wondered at that old  phrase “mission, vision and values” – because at the foundation are the things that we value, then our vision is a creative leap to the mission we set ourselves.
So, first . . .

Our Values

“Our Values” are actually my values, so you will find them

Our Vision

Our vision as a book publisher is to provide a broad range of books exhibiting beautiful creativity.

Our Mission

So our mission now is clear.
We enable and distribute books that we love.