My Daughter’s Wedding

Since I put more work into writing this than I did most other stuff, I am putting it here.

I don’t know how the hell I thought those first lines were in iambic pentameter. They aren’t.

I was quite nervous and so I lost my notes deliverig the whole thing from memory – hence the places I have queried what I said.


I wrote this on an iPad in a moment of self reflection about thirty years after my father’s death.

Life View

I recall the event I’m describing was at the party after the twins were christened, so I must have written this in Summer 2010.

Polish Delicatessens

This was an essay I wrote on an iPad in a hotel lobby in Fujairah while waiting to pick up Ania from a photography assignment.

Scar Tissue

More of a short story than an essay. But there you go.


The first of three essays I wrote in early 2023

Life the Universe and Everything

The second of three essays I wrote in early 2023 to get my ideas straight on a few things.
This is a biggish subject, The title is a nod to the genius of Douglas Adams.

War and Peace

The third of three essays I wrote in Chile 2023 to clarify my thoughts. I think patriotism was and will be the last unquestionable faith whose validity I have discarded.

Funny really, because GBS had done so long before.