What Does a Coaching Session Look Like?

Well, we start with some domestic announcements


This session is confidential between me and you. It will only work if we are honest with each other. So that is the promise I make to you.

I do not pass anything you say to me to my family or friends nor to your family or friends, nor to anyone else.

There are two exceptions:

For my Continuing Professioanl Development (CPD)  I might discuss our conversations with my Supervisor within Coaching Minds. This is to help me help you.  Not for the purpose of training other Coaches.

If you tell me of your intention to harm either yourself or someone else in the future, then I reserve the option to report this within Coaching Minds and possibly with Statutory Authorities local to you.


The biggest difference between acting as a Mentor and Acting as a coach, is that as a Coach, I don’t give advice.

You might wonder how that works, how can I help you then?  The simple truth is, it’s all about you. My skill lies in my ability to draw out of you the direction you want to move in, and then help you with that journey.

To do this I may introduce games or exercises with your permission so we can explore options for your trajectory.

My Status

I work with a self-regulated organisation called Coaching Minds. I take exams with them and they oversee my continuing professional development (CPD)

My present status with Coaching Minds is as a Trainee Life Coach

In case of any complaints by you against me that we can’t resolve between us, you can take your case to Coaching Minds, and if you are still not satisfied, then you can escalate the case to the body that oversees Coaching Minds, namely EMCC Global

The respective Web LInks are here:

Coaching Minds

EMCC Global

Specifically I follow the Coaching Minds professional Code of Conduct which embodies the less-stringent EMCC code.  The Code is available on the COaching Minds Link above in the form of a downloadable PDF.  If you want to discuss this with me, I shall be very happy to do so.


I am not qualified to do this, and I don’t do it.

The presumption in Therapy is that the client wants to address something about themselves, rather than about where they are going in life.

This can be a fantastic workout for the emotions. You don’t have to be sick to go to the gym, do you? You go there to improve your physical body.  So similarly, engaging in Therapy can be a powerful tonic for your inner self.

I would contrast Therapy which is principally about the relationship between your past and your present, and Coaching which is principally about the relationship between your future and your present.

I admire Therapy. I don’t practice it. If you want to learn a bit more, I recommend this excellent discussion on the subject.