Coaching and Mentoring

I offer them both, so what’s the difference?


I have some experience following a successful professional life that might be useful to you.

I can hold your hand while you are learning.

I only offer myself as a mentor in things I know about.

That means senior management in a creative consultancy working in a contract-orientated high pressure industry, dealing with difficult clients and either for or as a project manager, under constantly changing requirements, typically under conflicting pressures of time, money, qa/qc and hse.

As an expat architect in a lead consultant role both in design and construction management, I constantly mentored both my staff and my clients to help all parties get the best results in difficult situations.

I found this experience fascinating as a practitioner, and would be happy to discuss the process its challenges and solutions with anyone in any project management role.

I don’t charge for this. Happy to share my knowledge and pay forward.