We are a flightpath, perhaps to a target, perhaps our goal
is the joy of the journey itself.

“From 123 to xyz”  represents a serendipitous segue between opposite ends of two spectra.
And it also rhymes – unfortunately only in American English
– we can’t all be perfect.

Mission Statement

Whilst you should judge us on what we deliver, we always wondered at that old  phrase “mission, vision and values” – because at the foundation are the things that we value, then our vision is a creative leap to the mission we set ourselves.
So . . .

Our Values

Beyond the essentials of life, we aspire to a culture of creativity and appreciation.

We would rather do simple things with excellent style than draw a mediocre result from magnificent intentions.

And we would enjoy whatever we do – doing it well – rather than live in frustration, wishing we could be doing something else.

Our Vision

Our vision as a book publisher is to provide a broad range of books exhibiting beautiful creativity.

Our Mission

So our mission now is clear.
We enable and distribute books that we love.